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Case/Visa Types

During the past 30 years, the attorneys with our firm have successfully
provided legal services for a full range of immigration and visa projects including:

Employment-based Permanent Immigration
Family-based Permanent Immigration
Special Immigration Projects
Other Temporary (Non-Immigrant) and Permanent (Immigrant) Immigration Projects

Employment-based Permanent Immigration

  • Advanced Degree Professionals Exempt from Labor Certification

  • Labor Certification Cases for many professionals and skilled workers

  • "Special Handling" Labor Certification cases for College and University Teachers

  • Extraordinary Ability Applicants

  • Outstanding Professors and Researchers

  • International Business Executives and Managers

  • EB-5 Investor Visa/ Green Card

Employment Authorization for Temporary Workers

  • H-1B Professionals

  • O-1 Temporary Workers of Extraordinary Ability

  • L-1 Multinational Executives, Managers and Specialized Knowledge workers

  • E Visas - Treaty Investors and Treaty Traders

  • NAFTA/TN - North American Free Trade Agreement cases

  • F-1 Students and other temporary non-immigrant categories

  • Skilled Workers

  • J-1 and J-2 Exchange Visitors

  • Q-1 International Cultural Exchange Program Participants

  • R-1 Religious Workers

Family-based Permanent Immigration

  • Marriage-based Permanent Residence for spouses, fiancées , and family members

  • Permanent Residence for Parents and Children of U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

Special Immigration Projects

  • Admission without a Visa

  • Waivers of Inadmissibility

  • Third Country Consular Processing

  • Motions to Reopen and Reconsider

  • Legalization

  • Temporary Protected Status

  • Asylum Applications

  • Advance Parole

  • Deportation Defense including Suspension of Deportation and Voluntary Departure

  • Administrative Appeals

Other Temporary (Non-Immigrant) and Permanent (Immigrant) Immigration Projects

  • Extensions, renewals and re-validation of Visas

  • Consular Processing of Immigrant Visas for Permanent Residents

  • Consular Processing of Non-immigrant Visas for Business Visitors, Tourists and others

  • Foreign Students and Scholars as F-1 and J-1 visitors

  • Waivers of the 2-year foreign residence requirement

  • Adjustment of Status to Permanent Residence

  • Derivative Citizenship and Naturalization

  • Immigrant Visa Lottery

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