There are many options available for temporary work visas and many pathways to Permanent Residence Status (green cards) for College and University Faculty and Staff.

Temporary Visa Options

Pathways to Permanent Residence

  • EB-1-2 Outstanding Professors and Researchers Green Cards
  • EB-1-1 Persons of Extraordinary Ability Green Cards
  • EB-2 Teaching Faculty (Special Handling) Green Cards
  • EB-2 Researchers and Staff (non-teaching)
  • EB-3 Labor Shortage-Based Employment “Labor Certification” (any occupation)
  • EB-2 National Interest-Based Employment (NIW) Green Cards
  • Family-Based Sponsorship
  • Investment-Based Permanent Residence
  • More Permanent Residence Options

Special Projects

  • Preventing and Overcoming Visa Refusals at U.S. Consulates
  • Reapplication after Visa Denials or Refusals
  • Waivers of the J-1 Two-Year Home Country Residence Requirement
  • Administrative Appeals and Requests for Reconsideration
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility
  • Federal Court Litigation
  • Special U.S. Congressional/Senate or other Governmental Assistance/Support
  • More Special Projects